At Last - A Totally Natural Product for Equine Ulcers

Equine Ulcers

Ulcer Aid is a Once A Day, Affordable, 100% Natural Blend to Attend To Stomach & Colonic Ulcers in Horses.

UlcerAid has absolutely NO chemical ingredients and is 100% proven safe! The best part is, horses LOVE the taste.
It can be used for as long as needed or as a permanent additive to horses feed, as there are no dangerous ingredients or toxic effects. It's totally natural.

UlcerAids' method for relief and attending to painful ulcers is elegantly simple and can be administered just once a day.

It's easy to administer, just sprinkle over the evening grain, add a little warm water and mix!

UlcerAids' primary ingredients form a nutritious, fully digestible mucilaginous gel when moistened, which acts as a demulcent. This adheres to the walls of the digestive system helping protecting it from attack of stomach acids and other irritants while encouraging the production of the horses own natural protective mucous.

Acute or dire gastrointestinal issues or ulcers should be attended to twice each day for the first 2 - 3 weeks by adding UlcerAid to both the morning and evening meals.

Long-term use of chemical anti-ulcer medications cannot be healthy for your horse,
so give UlcerAid a try today.

Delicious and Nutritious, with no harmful ingredients.

Let UlcerAid Attend to the Pain!

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